Live beautifully Live beautifully

Live beautifully

Let’s live responsibly

by taking care of nature and each other

to leave a more beautiful planet

for future generations.
Let’s live compassionately

by making choices that are generous,

inclusive and empowering

to imagine the future of beauty together.

Let’s live beautifully.
Beauty is in everyday moments Beauty is in everyday moments

Beauty is in everyday moments

Each day is filled with special instants, and since our start, we’ve been by your side with dedicated care to make each one feel even more precious.
We love helping you relish in these simple pleasures to boost your mood and self-confidence!

women’s eyes…

Share the beauty Share the beauty
Share the beauty
Maribel Koucke - Surfer & Globe-trotter
Time is freedom.

It’s the most
precious thing

we have.”

Maribel Koucke
Surfer & Globe-trotter

Claudia Maria - Fencer & Challenger-Seeker
For me, beauty is the expression of inner strength. It doesn’t answer to criteria or conventions of others.”

Claudia Maria
& Challenger-Seeker

Beauty is in nature’s gifts Beauty is in nature’s gifts

Beauty is 

in nature’s gifts

“Making life more beautiful,
passing on a more beautiful planet”
Our priority: your beauty

and well-being.

From skin care and a professional touch

to sport, relaxation and nutrition,

we’re here to help you at every
moment of your life.

We communicate openly
and transparently.

From the composition and fabrication
to the effectiveness
of our
products, we tell you everything.

We believe in the power of 

Since 1954, plants have been
the foundation
for the efficacy
of our skin care.

We take action for
the planet and its people.

Biodiversity, circular economy,
child welfare and
health care: we are
committed to a more inclusive

and responsible society.




Breathe in the stress-relieving, fresh scent of this plant, which also aids digestion and helps treat acne.

Healthy treat Infuse a pitcher of water with mint, cucumber and lemon to make it fun to stay hydrated!

Senna extract

Senna extract


Improve your complexion and naturally cleanse your system with this naturally effective herb.




Enhance your antioxidant intake, but also soften and nourish skin with these tasty nuts.

Healthy treat Make homemade trail mix with macadamias, almonds and dried fruit for energizing, vitamin-rich snacks.

Organic red ginseng



Indulge in this antioxidant-rich root, that also regulates blood sugar and boosts your immunity.

A happy, healthy treat Sauté shrimp with fresh ginseng, snow peas, ginkgo nuts and soy sauce for a fun, exotic dinner.

Harungana extract

Harungana extract


Restore youthful vitality with this ally, sourced from local communities via Fair Trade agreements.

Healthy treat Bake sliced peaches sprinkled in cinnamon and honey for 10 minutes to create a mouthwatering delight!




Enjoy this fruit’s juicy dose of nutrients, which fight off free radicals and support eye health

Kangaroo flower

Kangaroo flower

Kangaroo flower

Boost your skin’s self-regeneration with this Australian beauty, known for its energizing properties.

Healthy treat Combine sliced peaches, cinnamon, and honey. Bake for 10 minutes to create a nutritious dessert.




Reduce fine lines from lack of sleep and alleviate inflammation with this healing herb.

Supporting people

& the planet

Creating sustainably is essential to us, from our sourcing, all the way to our packaging. We’re committed to preserving the Earth
and communities through our partnerships,
such as:

Together, let’s live beautifully! Together, let’s live beautifully!

Together, let’s live beautifully!

“Women were my inspiration.”

Jacques Courtin-Clarins

For all women. At every moment of their lives.

Women, who carry all the beauty
of the world within them,
to whom Clarins
has always listened,
to invent the right products.

Women, in whom Jacques
Courtin-Clarins found his calling: to not 
only make beauty
grow but to make it
more authentic and more natural.

Between Clarins and women, a shared
story of loyalty passed down from
one generation
to the next. A story of 
mutual trust that we continue to write
each new day. A story that
lets us 
imagine the future of beauty together
and inspires us to live beautifully.